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Jet Ski Rescue Simulator


The live and most attracted city for tourist has been hit by a flood. The devastated and catastrophic situation is making a rescue operation difficult. Once a crazy city for fun is dying under the water. The school buses, Trucks, luxury cars and tall building have been drowned in the water.Go on the rescue operation and ride of a lifetime with an awesome jet ski and feel the tense situation. Riding a jet ski is always immensely fun and exciting but this game is all about saving the lives of common people. This simulator will give you the real experience of controlling a jet ski and performing intense task. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of becoming the city hero!
Jet Ski Simulator is a job as a citizen of this city and everyone who has been affected by the flood looking for a help. Look around for the people needing help , rescue and drop them to the safe place. The camps have been setup on the dry area and medical facility has been provided. Be careful on the hurdles, jumps, and loops. Clear the levels in time to achieve major bonus points.
Jet Ski Driving features:
• Complex and challenging levels with different stunts to perform and complete • Cool Jet Skis to ride • Achieve additional points for rescuing people on time before they drown• Outstanding controls for steering and riding the Jet SkiTry out this flood adventure game and be proud as a Jet Ski Rider